The People Group

When the LDHA was founded, the management committee all agreed that a key aspect of the Association was to nurture and develop our greatest asset – our people.

What better way to do this than to work together to share best practice, develop initiatives that will help with recruitment and retention and to source useful cost-effective training and development for our teams.

Once every six weeks (excluding July and August) the People Group will meet to discuss and deliver people related activity that will make a difference to members. This is a group of likeminded people with the responsibility of looking after employees in their business facing the increasing challenges of finding and keeping the best staff.


Activities to date have included:

  • Make a Difference Conference (November 2017), attended by 87 line managers and managers across the membership.

  • Housekeepers away day.

  • Purchase of GDPR training for HR at a 50% discount per person.

  • Free GDPR HR toolkit.

  • Free half day recruitment workshop.

  • Level 3 Food Safety training at a 45% discount.

  • Heavily discounted Welcome to Excellence training.

All activities are designed around what members ask for to improve their HR practices in the business.

Membership of the LDHA includes an optional free confidential HR audit for each business.