The Purchasing Group

The purchasing group was created to help members gain better purchasing power on many varied services that would not be obtainable as an independent business.

The aim of the purchasing group is the provide members with a range of services that will give the hotel or attraction enough savings throughout the year to more than pay for membership of the association. Currently members can save a minimum of £2500pa, which is 5x the cost of membership.

  • Interested in fantastic savings?

Here are our current offers, exclusive to members:



All LDHA members who are Caterite account holders will have access to on-going promotions focusing on reducing the cost of breakfast items and non-food disposables.

  • £250 credit when you spend £2000 or more between Jan and December, this credit will be paid in December

  • Exclusive breakfast promotions, we will have the addition of potion pack cereals in our next offer to start in March

  • £2000 marketing toward an LDHA meeting at Caterite, celebrating the launch of our new meeting room, development kitchen and offices. This would be subject to a percentage of attendance


New customer offers from Grapevine to LDHA.

  • A “Grapevine Experience” 2 hours of wine tasting, food matching and sales techniques

  • An introductory welcome offer on a range of bestselling wines.

  • £250 wine voucher when you purchase £2,000 of wine in the first month.

  • 2% Annual Retrospective Discount (ARD) on purchases over £20,000


27.5% off and £200 credit on account for every £5000 turnover for all new customers.

  • If you are a current account please speak to your rep

One Cost

No membership fees but the exact same prices as Beacon.

  • We drive down costs and improve margins in Beverages, Non Food, Fish and Seafood. Office Supplies, Frozen & ambient, Lighting, Meat, Merchant Services, Laundry, Fresh Produce, Waste management, Utilities

  • No fees or contracts. 1% annual rebate paid by One Cost on all “new” trading areas via the agreed nominated supply chain

  • 1% annual rebate paid by One Cost on all new trading areas with nominated One Cost suppliers

  • 2% annual rebate paid by One Cost on all “new” wine sales via Ma hew Clark (1% on other beverage products)

  • One Cost benefits scheme: Free Golf on Windermere 24/7 and other clubs throughout the UK

  • New points Scheme where members can accrue points to pay for items or LDHA membership

  • Spend £5,000 via One Cost supply chain to receive:

    • Access to One Cost corporate golf membership packages

    • 20%cashback with One Cost clients on food/drink/spa facilities

    • Free-e-learning courses (e.g. fire safety, food hygiene)

Wittwoo Photography

Exclusive Hotel Photography Group Prices to LDHA.

  • Still Photography to include – Exterior/Interior
 Rooms & Suites 
Dining Areas / Dishes

  • Close up detail shots
, staff shots, serving, making cocktails etc.

  • Google Virtual Tour –
 Official Google Photographer
 Tour loaded straight to Google “See Inside”
. Easily embedded to your own website, social media, etc.

  • Fully Licensed/Insured Civil Aviation Authority Drone Pilot 
Imagery captured using the latest Professional equipment

Aerial images – A close up, and a landscape setting shot

Aerial video – A 2 to 3 minute video showcasing your establishment

Guest House >5 Bed: Stills £300; Virtual Tour £250; Aerial Images £100; Aerial Video £300 (TOTAL £950)

Country House >8 Bed: Stills £400; Virtual Tour £350; Aerial Images £150; Aerial Video £300 (TOTAL £1200)

Hotel <8 Bed: Stills £600; Virtual Tour £500; Aerial Images £150; Aerial Video £300 (TOTAL £1550)

Hotel + Pool + Spa: Stills £800; Virtual Tour £700; Aerial Images £150; Aerial Video £300 (TOTAL £1950)

North Lakes Foods

Prices fixed for 6 months for LDHA Members.

  • 2 Litre Milk £0.98

  • 2 Litre Double Cream £3.90

  • 2 Litre Whipping Cream  £4.60

  • 2 Litre Single Cream  £4.24

  • Low-Fat Yoghurt 125gm  £0.30

  • Rich & Creamy Yoghurt 150gm  £0.40

  • Natural Yoghurt 2.25kg  £3.17

  • UHT Fruit Juice 1 Litre  £0.89 + VAT

  • Fresh Orange Juice 1 Litre (made from concentrate)  £0.89 + VAT

  • Fresh Orange Juice 500ml (made from concentrate)  £0.45 + VAT


Deal as previously negotiated by Clive Wilson saving well over £1000 per hotel for Business listing.

Cooke & Mason Insurance

£500 rebate to hotel or attraction on taking out insurance.

Flourish Recruitment

Will offer a preferential rate of 8% on any permanent vacancies for the group.

  • We understand that some placements may end unexpected so we off a refund structure over 3 months as follows:

    • 100% refund within the first 4 weeks

    • 50% refund within the first 8 weeks

    • 25% refund within the first 12 weeks

  • We have a temporary relief team that work Nationwide offering an experienced and reliable service. Offering a fixed weekly rate of £95 (+VAT)

  • The hourly rate for the chef will depend on their experiences which can range from £11-£15 per hour depending on the position

  • If the chef is set up as a Limited company they will invoice the company directly. Alternatively, if they chef if on PAYE they will be required to enrol on your company payroll


  • Single Licence (up to 19) Single payment £20* per licence

  • Licences (block of 20 or more)

  • Single payment £15 per licence

Certain courses carry a higher cost such as the Personal Licence course, which is chargeable at £130 per licence.

*All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Hypnos Beds

Receive a free bed protector worth £50 when ordering bed set. Plus get 7.5% discount off trade price up to value of £100.


  • All members can get an exclusive 20% discount on Guestline Software and Services. When purchased between 13th February and 30th June 2019.

To avail of this offer, members should contact David Barton quoting LDHA20.


We are always looking for new deals, and have several in the pipeline. If you would like to know more about the Purchasing Group, please contact Mike Dunbobbin at or Matt Stanaway at